Connecting you to your most valuable opportunities

Let’s take your greatest marketing challenge, and turn it into your best opportunity. An opportunity to break through. To change your growth strategy. And to truly move the needle for your company. At 90octane we create hyper-targeted, high-impact programs that connect you with your most valuable prospects. We call it Top Pursuit Marketing™.

Our approach

Core disciplines

Named Account Marketing

Pinpoint marketing to gain demand-focused meetings with high profile prospects.

Key Account Cultivation

Growing current accounts to their full potential for a bigger impact on the bottom line.

Market Focus

Using deep market knowledge to identify and capitalize on gaps that only you can fill.

Sales Enablement

Aligning marketing & sales to overcome sales hurdles and close deals.

Lead Generation

Fueling the machine that drives high quality leads to your sales team.


The storytelling group really brought everything to life for me... an approach I've never seen before at any other agency. They come in, they listen...

Heidi Budreau
TriZetto Provider Solutions®

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No one accuses us of being boring. Tenacious? Certainly. Disruptive? Perhaps. We’re a diverse collection of storytellers, artists, strategists, media experts, techies and otherwise creative and analytical-minded people who blaze trails alongside maverick clients.


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We’re bringing down the walls between marketing and sales and branding and conversion. Come see the insights we’re sharing on 90blog. You’ll learn about methods to target top growth opportunities.

Social Media Forecast for 2017

by Maddy Wold | February 16, 2017

Social media moves at the speed of sound and is much more than sharing, liking and tweeting. It is a highly strategic way to communicate with audiences around the globe and offers sophisticated targeting opportunities. So what’s next for social this year? Read...


Why Emotion is as Powerful as Logic in B2B Marketing

by Megan Feldman | January 25, 2017

The influence of emotion in storytelling is often underrated when it comes to B2B marketing. Yet according to a research report by Google and CEB Global, B2B decision-making is even more emotion-based than B2C. Which means that B2B campaigns that use emotional...


Search Forecast for 2017

by Anna Case | January 23, 2017

Staying abreast of digital marketing trends is critical when it comes to designing campaigns that have maximum impact. With that in mind, the 90octane Audience Engagement Team has compiled a 2017 trends forecast for search, social and media. Below, in the first...


So You’ve Implemented Expanded Text Ads. Now What?

by Jessica Nothnagle | December 13, 2016

By now, pay-per-click pros are well aware of the recent release of expanded text ads (ETAs). Most have likely implemented them. And yet, simply using more characters won’t automatically solve your problems. The surest way to make that extra space count is to...


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