Connecting you to your most valuable opportunities

Let’s take your greatest marketing challenge, and turn it into your best opportunity. An opportunity to break through. To change your growth strategy. And to truly move the needle for your company. At 90octane we create hyper-targeted, high-impact programs that connect you with your most valuable prospects. We call it Top Pursuit Marketing™.

Our approach

Core disciplines

Named Account Marketing

Pinpoint marketing to gain demand-focused meetings with high profile prospects.

Key Account Cultivation

Growing current accounts to their full potential for a bigger impact on the bottom line.

Market Focus

Using deep market knowledge to identify and capitalize on gaps that only you can fill.

Sales Enablement

Aligning marketing & sales to overcome sales hurdles and close deals.

Lead Generation

Fueling the machine that drives high quality leads to your sales team.


The storytelling group really brought everything to life for me... an approach I've never seen before at any other agency. They come in, they listen...

Heidi Budreau
TriZetto Provider Solutions®

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No one accuses us of being boring. Tenacious? Certainly. Disruptive? Perhaps. We’re a diverse collection of storytellers, artists, strategists, media experts, techies and otherwise creative and analytical-minded people who blaze trails alongside maverick clients.


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We’re bringing down the walls between marketing and sales and branding and conversion. Come see the insights we’re sharing on 90blog. You’ll learn about methods to target top growth opportunities.

Gates Heroes: Harnessing Industrial Safety as a Differentiator

by Megan Feldman | October 18, 2016

We recently launched an exciting new campaign for our long-time client, Gates Corporation. Because the creative concept, launch and initial results have created a lot of buzz here and at Gates, the 90octane Gates team presented the project at a recent lunch and...


Evergreen Content: The What, Why & How

by Amanda Christensen | September 14, 2016

A lot of marketers throw around the term “evergreen content.” But what is it, exactly, and how and why do you generate it? Like evergreen trees, evergreen content stays alive over time, maintaining relevance and providing value. One way to think...


What I Learned from Larry Kim: Don’t Send Donkeys to Space and Other Earth Shattering Social Media Strategies

by Maddy Wold | September 07, 2016

When it comes to advancing client objectives via social media, it can be tricky to decide which posts to put money behind within an overall marketing mix.  I’ve long supported using organic metrics to inform decisions about promoted posts. But with a sea of...


Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Drive Sales through Injected Interactions

by James Omdahl | July 15, 2016

If you’re in the business of selling upscale condos, you know the buying cycle is anything but predictable. Today’s real estate buyers don’t follow a traditional route from prospect to purchase. They search online, use their personal networks and avoid...


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