Our approach

Our approach is unconventional: be the catalyst that challenges status quo thinking and deliver strategic, opportunity-focused marketing. We're on a mission to disrupt old models of marketing, and we're creating strong client relationships in the process.

Using Top Pursuit Marketing, we help craft your story to influence a key decision maker. Become a thought leader in a market where your brand is unknown. Or create brand ambassadors out of customers. Our unique approach turns marketing from an expense into an investment that generates a return.

We work differently

In today's market, people are unmoved by canned sales pitches. They ignore boilerplate slogans broadcast to the masses. And they're more active than ever in seeking out their own information before they buy or donate. This landscape requires a new, more focused approach. One that's smarter and more personalized. That's what we offer. How?

Marketing Campaigns

We focus on your top pursuits.

We build highly targeted programs that use marketing, sales, branding and technology to connect you with your most valuable opportunity. Whether that's growing a vital account, increasing conversions or finally meeting a long-desired prospect, our focused campaigns break through the noise and connect.

Digital Marketing Services

We break department silos.

With our team lead structure, you don't get disjointed updates from members of different departments. You get a dedicated, multi-faceted team of experts who think and act together for you.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We work from your business goals, not a timesheet.

We don't track time. This reduces our overhead and frees us up to think. It allows us to quickly evolve each program to meet your goals, instead of working from an inflexible and out-of-date task list. Besides, we've never met a client who wants to buy time or an employee who wants to track it. If we ever did, we suspect we wouldn't enjoy working with them.

Targeted Marketing

Named Account Marketing

Spotlighting your VIPs (Very Important Prospects).

A small number of key prospects can comprise a large part of your revenue.
Get the attention of decision makers and influencers with marketing programs strategically designed to address their most pressing needs.

In Named Account Marketing, we prioritize your most valuable prospects and leverage research-based insights to create influencer maps, purchase decision models and targeted messaging frameworks. We then develop a story-centric campaign using custom collateral and the right channels to make high-impact introductions.

Key Account Marketing

Key Account Cultivation

Strengthening your most profitable relationships.

If 20% of your customers account for 80% of your profits, much of your financial success rests on nurturing that handful of accounts.

In Key Account Cultivation, we examine your existing customer base and leverage tools like purchase decision models, influencer maps and messaging frameworks to identify pain points and map solutions. The goal is to shift your positioning with these accounts from product to solution, making key relationships deeper, broader and more profitable.

Market Focused Strategy

Market Focus

Expanding into new industries brings new challenges – and opportunities.

To become a market leader, you have to understand the dynamics at play within an industry and develop an action plan that identifies gaps and capitalizes on opportunity.

To us, Market Focus means narrowing your view to a particular niche. A close examination of the competitive landscape, industry climate and customer needs helps you position your organization for growth.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Sales Enablement

Ensuring your sales team has the tools for productive conversations.

Optimizing every interaction between your sales team and a prospect or customer is at the core of sales enablement. From initial contact through customer loyalty, at every phase of the process your sales team needs to be armed with the right knowledge and tools for a value-oriented conversation.

Sales Enablement blurs the line between sales and marketing and creates a transparency that improves your conversion and shortens your sales cycle.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation

Building a marketing machine for quality leads.

When it comes to leads, 90octane focuses on quality, not quantity. By providing gated assets that resonate with your audience, you capture crucial information that converts unknown prospects into highly qualified, interested leads.

In our Lead Generation programs, you make contact with prospects through integrated channels such as SEO, paid search, display advertising and email, driving them to a destination that addresses a specific pain point or goal. Ongoing campaign optimization ensures traction.

Ready to embrace a new way of engaging prospects?

We’re looking for our next maverick client to disrupt old models of marketing and challenge the status quo. If that’s you, we want to know.

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