Bring Hidden Gems to the Surface through Branding

Querencia is a luxury residential development in Cabo that, for nearly 20 years, was known in the market simply as a golf club for wealthy retirees. The problem? The market was wholly unaware of countless unique features—large lots, sweeping views, elevated properties built into the mountainside and more. Determined to overcome Querencia’s narrow image, the new owners invested heavily in the property to reinvent it as a family retreat offering beach activities, hiking, mountain biking, dining, fitness and more—all while preserving the lifestyle legacy residents fiercely loved. But to bring the limiting perception of Querencia in line with this new reality, they had to act fast. Without a strong identity, Querencia was lagging behind nearby competitors who promised a more dynamic resort lifestyle. So, they engaged the 90 team for a complete rebrand and website redesign to give Querencia a voice in the saturated market. But the ultimate goal? Querencia needed to capture attention from the right kinds of luxury homebuyers with a targeted lead generation program fueled by the new brand.


Craft a Story to Capture the Spirit of Querencia

An on-location discovery session made it clear that Querencia is more than a destination. It’s a community. A lifestyle. A home for people of substance seeking the true experience of living in Mexico, beyond the bounds of a luxury resort. These insights helped us craft a brand voice to embody the property’s signature characteristics, speaking to buyers with both the means and the mindset to be at home there, wrapped in the tagline “Those Who Seek More Are Found Here.” This was coupled with an engrossing visual identity to put a face to the feeling of Querencia: a color palette inspired by the Baja landscape, photography style focused on connectedness and experience and a fresh spin on the classic logo.

With this foundation in place, we set out to build a website to bring the brand to life online and broaden the image of Querencia beyond that of a golf club to something that could grow with the vision of new leadership. While development was underway, we launched a phased media rollout to prime the market for the new brand, generate traffic and test messaging.


14er Awards

Unwavering commitment to the strategy allowed us to execute a brand that shines in contrast to competitors who rely on style over substance, captured in a brand book that empowers the Querencia team to extend the brand across any consumer touchpoint. Plus, our phased rollout allowed us to gather insights into audience demographics, location, interests and behavior so we could refine our strategy along the way.

Six months after launch, we clocked the results of our efforts at:

  • +1126% in new site users
  • +88% in direct traffic from new users
  • +37% in organic search volume
  • 286 leads, 76% of which were qualified

The new brand even caught the eye of the creative community, honored with a Gold Key for B2C Branding at the 2019 Fourteener Awards. But the true victory? Not only is the market aware of Querencia unlike ever before, but homebuyers now understand the one-of-a-kind community for everything that it is. In the words of one contributor at Forbes:

“The ‘more’ from the community’s slogan becomes clear. This is a place for those whose work and lifestyle epitomize globalization at its best.”

— Stephan Rabimov

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