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Help RES get the attention of C-levels at 34 of the top U.S. teaching hospitals.

RES, an innovative, global desktop management software company had an established footprint in the U.S. However, they wanted to make a deeper impact and gain the attention of chief officers at 34 of the top teaching hospitals within the U.S.

To do this, 90octane created an account-based marketing campaign targeting those 34 sought-after prospects. This highly targeted campaign reinforced RES as a trusted, global thought leader. In creating this direct connection with our hand-selected prospects, we could speak directly to their pain points and enable sales to accelerate these leads through the sales process.

  • Asset Creation
  • Branding
  • Storytelling & Design
  • Strategy
  • Email
  • Digital Display
  • PPC & SEO
  • Social Media
  • Development
  • Technology

BMA Colorado Best of Show
BMA Colorado Best of Strategy
BMA Colorado Gold Key - Account Based Marketing Campaign


Provide a custom consultation with an ethical hacker to assess each company’s cybersecurity.

Research showed that one of our audience’s biggest concerns was cybersecurity. One hacking event could cost a hospital $27 million—and medical records are among the most sought after on the black market. To highlight the threat of cybersecurity, we created a concept around a highly-personalized, dark and foreboding hacker. To help these organizations overcome this threat, we offered a complementary one-on-one consultation with an ethical hacker to assess their cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

To break through the clutter and encourage registration, we sent our target CIO prospects a custom kit via Fed Ex. Inside the box, prospects were greeted with a brochure with their name, our offer to meet with an ethical hacker, and a personalized URL for registration. However, to verify their identity (and to heighten the mystery of the campaign), we required prospects to register with a 4-digit code they received from RES. To get the code, they were given a pre-programmed “burner phone” displaying only two icons—one to watch a video explaining the campaign and another to call a RES contact to get their code. Post-meeting, attendees received an email and retargeting that encouraged them to schedule a demo with RES.

In creating the account-based marketing strategy for this campaign, we used:

  • Asset creation
  • Display ads
  • Emails
  • PPC
  • Strategy
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media


Decision makers and influencers from 12 of the 34 target hospitals had some level of engagement with the campaign components, including two requests for contact/product demo.

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